Agriturismo in Toscana: La Sala, Agriturismo vicino Firenze

Agriturismo La Sala Agriturismo La Sala Agriturismo La Sala Agriturismo La Sala Agriturismo La Sala Agriturismo La Sala

Agriturismo colline Firenze

Agriturismo sulle colline di Firenze, eventi e news

Chianti ‘n Rock!

Panzano in Chianti, campo Sportivo, 30 Giugno 2019



Stelle e Mercanti

Strada in Chianti 2019

mercato notturno artigiano nella piazza di Strada in Chianti con musica

14 Giungo 17.00-23.00



Chianti Jazz

8 Luglio, 2019

Greve in Chianti, Museo S.Francesco, 21.15



Chiave di Vino!

musica e degustazione di vino Chianti Classico

Terrazza del museo di S.Francesco

Greve in Chianti

5 Luglio,21.15



Stelle e Mercanti

Greve in Chianti 2019

mercato notturno artigiano con musica!

19 Luglio e 9 Agosto 17.00-23.00



Il Calcio Storico di Firenze

Florence Calcio Storico (costume football) is the famous Florentine traditional football that dates from the Renaissance and takes place on the second half of June. 4 Teams originating from each of the traditional city districts participate in the  tournament. All of the players are dressed in medieval breeches. Rules are minimal! 



Il Palio, Siena

Siena Palio is a very famous bare-back horse race round the sand-covered Piazza del Campo that takes place every 2 July and 16 August. Not to be missed!



Wine festival

Make the best of your vacation in Tuscany!

This is a wine festival held every year in September in the main squares of Panzano and Greve in Chianti. Wine from many of the Chianti wineries is available to be sampled. There is music and fine festival atmosphere! Food stands are also available. You buy a glass and are then free to try wine offered at the many stands. 

49a Expo del Chianti Classico

5-8 September 2019 Greve in Chianti

13-16 September 2019 Panzano in Chianti




Grape harvest: Vendemmia

The date varies from year depending on the ripeness of the grapes, usually it takes place in late September. It's extremely interesting time to be around!




Make the best of your vacation in Tuscany!

Saturday market in Greve in Chianti! Every Saturday morning until 1pm (Sunday in Panzano) there is a market on the main square. You can find everything you want:flowers ,vegetables, cheese, fruit, roasted chicken, shoes, clothes and more!




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